Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about MAPS, please read through this page...chances are, your questions will be answered in here.

Question: What does MAPS mean?
- Answer:
It is an acronym for *My Affiliate Power Site* - it's a short and sweet way of referring to program.

Question: What exactly is MAPS?
- Answer: MAPS is a membership site that offers to teach people how to build a money making site for FREE. If you upgrade to a Silver membership level, you an additional video case study. If you upgrade to a Gold membership level you can take advantage of our affiliate link branding, and free banner advertising in the members area.

Question: How can I get my own website up and running?
- Answer:
Follow the menu on the left to get on Day 1 and follow the tutorial.

Question: What's the fastest way to make money with the MAPS system?
- Answer:
First, make sure you are upgraded to the Gold level membership so you can brand all the links with your affiliate links and set yourself up for the maximum possible earnings. Then go to our affiliate page to learn how to promote MAPS and make money by referring people to our FREE training. You just need to send people to our FREE page WITH your affiliate link, and our system automatically makes money for's REALLY, REALLY powerful.

Question: How can I upgrade to the Gold level membership?
- Answer:
Click here to upgrade.

Question: So *how* do I get paid when I promote MAPS?
- Answer:
First, you'll get paid through your own ClickBank account when your referrals upgrade to a paid members level. And secondly IF you're a Gold member and have setup your affiliate branding links, you'll get paid a commission directly from the vendor of the products (not us) that are recommended throughout the training area.

Question: How *much* do I get paid?
- Answer:
When you promote MAPS and someone upgrades you earn 50% of the sale...and that will vary according to the upgrade price. You can plan on earning somewhere between $12 - $45 per sale from MAPS membership sales. Then if you are a Gold member, and are using our affiliate link branding system, you will get paid according to those specific programs payout terms. Usually it is 50% of the sale.

If you have more questions...or suggestions, please visit our helpdesk at and someone from our team will usually respond within 2 business days or less.